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Are you always tired?

Feeling sluggish?  

Are you overweight?



Why not try something different and NOT go on a diet?  Instead, join the Wellbeing Weight Loss Workshop and let Sue, a registered nutritional therapist, empower you to lose weight and keep it off by eating wholesome food.  This three month workshop involves taking a detailed look at your eating habits, health and lifestyle and will help you to make healthier changes.  We meet each Thursday for 12 weeks and focus on healthy eating, nutrition and education about food to help people to lose weight and keep if off long-term. You are weighed on a weekly basis using body analyser scales, and there is no clapping if you have lost weight.  


The course talks about a different topic each week, such as: how stress and lack of sleep can cause weight gain (and what to do about it), myths about dieting, snacks & treats, exercise, water & thirst and good mood foods. Sue also gives recipes and healthy snack ideas each week. Each group session lasts for about an hour.  It costs £2.50 per week or those who sign up for all 12 weeks get 2 weeks free.


The next course starts on Thursday, 9th February 2017 from 11.45am at the Selsey Centre.  

To book a place on this workshop or find out more information, please email info@chichesterwellbeing.org.uk or call us on 01243 521041.





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